Investment Approach

Hastings has an investor-centric, integrated approach to investing and managing infrastructure investments. There are three specialised investment teams - Portfolio Management, Equity New Investment and Equity Asset Management.


The Portfolio Management team is responsible for generating the best risk-adjusted returns for investors by constructing a diversified portfolio of infrastructure assets. The team delivers the fund strategy and objectives, portfolio construction, primary research, investor reporting, governance and board reporting and investment and divestment decisions. 


The Equity New Investment team is responsible for sourcing new investment opportunities, the execution of the investment opportunity and the management of investment partners. They build and maintain an extensive network of partners and apply the portfolio strategy and stringent investment criteria to the pipeline to ensure effective deal screening.


The Equity Asset Management team is responsible for ensuring that behind every asset is a detailed and strategic asset management plan. The team delivers investment outcomes for each asset through targeted active asset management and specialist input of new investment activities on an integrated basis.