Investment Philosophy

Hastings’ equity investment philosophy is founded on a rigorous quantitative and qualitative-based approach to portfolio construction, origination and asset management. The Hastings team adopts a methodical approach to infrastructure investment decisions. The pillars of Hastings' portfolio management are to manage fund strategies and objectives, provide regular and transparent investor reporting, and deliver rigorous fund governance and board-level reporting, provide overarching strong governance protocols and fiduciary responsibilities and values.

  • Long-term investment horizon focused on achieving stable and sustainable above benchmark returns
  • Active, rigorous, disciplined quantitative and qualitative based approach to portfolio management, origination and asset management
  • Proprietary approach to portfolio construction driven by diversification across assets, revenue risk, stage of maturity, jurisdictions and core infrastructure sectors
  • Seek meaningful ownership stakes to influence business strategy
  • Active asset management approach to deliver long-term outperformance